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"...One call to our now-friend Terry Woods, a veritable mad scientist constructing wicked induction systems in the Arizona desert out of his Supercharger Store shop" and "EVIL TWINS" Terry and Bob Woods at the Supercharger Store have been building custom gear drives for ProCharger superchargers since 2000. Our project will feature a twin crank mount drive like the one on this Chrysler Hemi."---- Toby Brooks, RPM Magazine, Feb 2014, page 82

Our Marketing is simply our Customers and their success

  • Yellow Bullet Nationals in Maryland: Top finisher Sikora
  • Top doorslammer championship - Ake Eliasson
  • Mustang Mike (twin superchargers) strikes again 4.30 seconds 180mph!
  • NMCA Championship winner Bob Curran (Corvette with Vortec Supercharger)
  • Find familiar names on customer pictures (Mopar, Ford, Chevy...pages)

Before you buy any supercharger ASK these questions

What is included in the price?

What about detonation?

What about power steering?

What about water injection?

Who is using their supercharger?

How easy is it to modify the supercharger system?