The Supercharger Store specializes in Centrifugal Superchargers for Street and Strip use. Since 2003, our mission has been to provide the best engine power adder solution available with complete turnkey solutions and unmatched customer service. We specialize in supercharging engines with centrifugal superchargers from 3000hp race car engines to 400 to 1000hp high performance street cars to 80 hp side by side UTVs. Our extensive knowledge of centrifugal supercharging systems separates us from the competition. What is you power goal! We can provide you pump gas street friendly big horsepower system. In our humble opinion, centrifugal superchargers are the best because of their small size, high efficiency, simplicity and Instantaneous boost proportional to engine speed.

Our passion for centrifugal superchargers lead us to selling the top brand centrifugal superchargers from Procharger and Vortech and the first product line of supercharger gear drives for applications including single and twin supercharger systems for most V-8 motors. Along with Gear Drives for specialized engines such as the BAE Hemi, 481X, TFX, Kaase Boss 9. In addition we developed belt driven supercharger systems based on the Procharger Supercharger for street/race motors not covered made by others including: Ford; Windsor, Cleveland, FE, 400M, 429/460 and Mod Motor applications, GM; SBC, BBC, LS and Buick 455, Mopar; Small Block, Big Block, Gen II and Gen III Hemi and Slant Six, AMC V8’s, Another of our specialties is detonation control for supercharged engines using water injection. Simply stated we make the highest performance, simplest water injection system on the planet for supercharged engines. Our water injection provides the greatest charge air cooling and the highest detonation control possible. We make more horsepower with pump gasoline than is possible with any other system and your car will be fun to drive.