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These swap kit include the components that are needed for a basic setup with the detailed information on what specific OEM or aftermarket parts are need to make it fit, NO guessing!  These kits can integrate with OEM EFI, aftermarket EFI or even Blow-thru carb setups. 

Big modern power and reliability in your build quickly!   Go low budget with a junk yard motor and one of our boosted swap kits and you easily on your way to 600+ whp.   Get the right crate engine and one of our boosted swap kits and you easily on your way to 900+ whp. 

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BOOSTED LS & LT SWAPS, PROCHARGER MAKES IT EASY!  We know LS swaps are as common as bolting on a set of headers these days, and the "one size fits all" approach wouldn't work for supercharging. Now it doesn't matter if you are looking to add some boost to your FoxBody Mustang, Squarebody truck, Crate Motor powered Hot Rod, or virtually anything on the planet with wheels... ProCharger has a way to supercharge it! Conventional drivers side mount (8, 10 rib and Cog) - Reverse passenger side mount (6, 8 and 10 rib) - Drivers side truck style mount (6 and 8 rib) PROCHARGER MAKES SUPERCHARGING YOUR LS SWAP EASY! CONVENTIONAL DRIVERS SIDE MOUNT - IDEAL FOR CRATE MOTORS! ProCharger engineers designed this supercharger system with the LS crate motor swap in mind. This system can be ordered with virtually any combination of streetcar accessory, or without any at all for racing applications. The bracket location was designed with many muscle car and muscle truck engine bays in mind and have seen them in everything from Chevelles to 3/4 Ton Trucks! Plus, for those looking for big horsepower and hardcore looks, we even have a "cog / gilmler" belt option. Versions available: - 8 Rib - Cog

BOOSTED COYOTE SWAPS, PROCHARGER MAKES IT EASY! When Ford Motor Company released the details on the Coyote motor, it was obviously a huge hit, and has been making waves in the performance market ever since. When Ford Racing released their engine swap package (ECU, Harness, etc) it was just a matter of time before these new 5.0L motors would start showing up in every imaginable car and truck out there. What better way to finish off that resto-mod, hot-rod, drag car, or street car, than with a ProCharger supercharger? The ProCharger “Coyote Engine Swap System” is for those wanting to boost their swap to the next level. BRACKET DESIGN: The bracket system design is based off our rock-solid 2011+ Mustang system, though it has been adapted to fit into more compact engine bays such as the Fox Body pictured here. Even with its compact mounting location, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only made for small blowers. ProChargers head units ranging in size from the P-1SC-1 to the F-1R fit on this bracket without modifications! Street cars and Race cars--we have you covered! BELT DRIVE OPTIONS: Two dedicated belt drive systems have been designed for this system in order to accommodate both street and track usage accordingly. For the street car, we offer an 8 rib dedicated belt drive system. The 8 rib drive system can be used with both the stock OEM balancer or an ATI Performance Products SFI damper. For the race-inspired car, a 50mm wide cog belt drive is available. This race kit does require the use of an ATI Performance products SFI damper.