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The Procharger Systems Kits are complete with tuning (ready to go and have everything you need), can install yourself or have someone install it for you. These systems are developed dyno tuned and field tested by Procharger along with most kit being tested for CARB compliance and have CARB EO certificates.

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Description: Highlights of this system Complete Supercharging System for DODGE DURANGO STR with 6.4 Engine System can up the hp from 475 stock to 690+ System produces 215+ of boost System is Air-to-Air...More Details »
Item #: 23010951 - 1DL215-SCI
Condition: New
Ships in 3 to 5 days
Ships in extra large box delivered via FedEx Ground or Home.
Price: $8,699.00

Items 1-1 of 1