The Supercharger Store - Classic/Carb (1956-1975)

Classic/Carb (1956-1975)

The Supercharger Store's ProCharger Superchargers kits Blow Away the Competition!

One of the greatest benefits of this centrifugal supercharger is serious horsepower with the ability to keep a classic stock hood lines. The Supercharger Store specialty is complete kits for most classic car engines from the rare AMCs to the most popular GM's and Ford's.

Our street stalker kits (Please call or email for details)  include an application specific sized Procharger centrifugal supercharger with mounting hardware, a blow through carburetor with hat, properly sized fuel feed system and detonation control components.

Our carbureted supercharger kits were designed with one simple goal: blow the competition away. From 302 small blocks to 396 strokers and all the way up to massive 600+ cid big block monsters, The Supercharger Store's extensive lineup of applications for carbureted engines are ideally suited for street, strip and full race vehicles.

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More About Classic/Carb (1956-1975)

By building the correct engine and blower combination, numerous Supercharger Store “muscle car” owners have demonstrated that it is possible to build a 1,600+ horsepower street car, complete with air conditioning and power steering!

The Supercharger Store's ProCharger carb kits for small and big block applications include a wide range of available superchargers, intercoolers, drive systems, bypass valves, carbs, carb bonnets and even serpentine accessory drives for both small- and big-block  AMC, Chevrolet, Chryslers and Ford engines. Our Street Stalker supercharger kits are developed systems complete with Procharger(mounting & drive hardware), carburetor & hat , fuel pump & regulator and detention control!  Available options include Power steering, power brakes and A/C. The Supercharger street stalker kits can be installed in 4 to 6 hours with standard hand tools and installation manuals contained in the kits provide detailed instructions.

In addition, most Procharger dealers will install a Supercharger Store street stalker kit as they know our systems are properly performance matched. The Supercharger store has bare supercharger kits that include only the Procharger, carb hat, mounting and drive hardware. For those who like experimenting with their vehicles performance. Our bare/basic kits will work with many of the EFI conversions, at this time we are letting the customer determine his own EFI system. We are working with several EFI manufacturers to develop a complete straightforward EFI kit. The Supercharger Store also offers several different kits for put putting modern power into classic chassis we have kits specifically for GEN-III Hemi’s and LS engines.

In addition, The Supercharger Store has water injection system for supercharged applications along with air-to-air and Air-to-Water intercoolers.  Give us a call at (520) 456-9706 to discuss your build and the power you're trying to make and we can properly size a system and provide guidance on key engine parameters to make strong reliable supercharged power.